Monday, January 14, 2013

HelloMornings!!! :) Winter Challenge

So, one thing that i am a huge supporter of is called the HelloMornings Challenge.
It was begun in response to an eBook written by Kat called Maximize Your Mornings. 
It is all about getting up for your kids instead of to your kids. i don't know about you, but waking up to my kids waking me up is not the best way to start my day...and usually puts me in a not so great mood. Their emphasis is on three things: spending time with God, exercise, and planning your day. It has helped me out a LOT (when i am consistent about doing it!!) and i haven't been doing so well since the holidays and such. Their winter challenge is beginning January 28th and you can sign up to join me here. I can't promise it will be easy (most new things aren't) but i can guarantee that if you stay with it, it will greatly bless and encourage you. I have signed up to be an Accountability Captain (AC) this time around, so feel free to join my group when you sign up. 

Want to find out more? 


Jen said...

So, I'm interested, but I wanted to know a little more about it. Is there a specific time that we're agreeing to be up before? How do we stay accountable - like a check-in or something? Fill me in,please! :)

Bethany said...

There is no is just up to you and how you want to schedule your time. They really encourage you to start with the Bible Reading and get that down pat for the first few weeks then add in the exercise and planning as the challenge goes on. It usually is a process (at least for me) of setting my clock a little earlier each week or so. As for the accountability, you sign up to be in a group (which are lead by AC' me :) (who, by the way, are struggling through this as well!) And then you commit to check in at least once a week, but preferably at least the weekdays. This is done through either facebook or twitter (and i think there are a few that are just online forums). Anyway, it has been a great encouragement to me and I highly recommend it! :) Thanks for the questions! Oh, and i noticed after I posted this that registration actually starts Wednesday I believe.